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Daryl Hall is a Deadbeat Dad, Darren Hall Speaks Out

Daryl Hall is a Deadbeat Dad, Darren Hall Speaks Out

Daryl Hall is a deadbeat dad; His Son Darren Hall speaks out
Daryl Hall is a deadbeat dad; His Son speaks out

Back in 1983, Hall and Oats co-founder Daryl Hall had a one night stand with a fan, whom ended up pregnant. On January 8, 1984, Darren Hall was born and his father Daryl Hall chose not to be there. Hall actually fought against child support as documented in the court files. In fact, Daryl Hall actually make the claim that he grew up frugally and would want his son to do the same. From the court records: "Hall further described his personal lifestyle as "frugal" and "simple." He indicated that he would want his son Darren to live in a similar manner and to grow up as he did, without expensive music lessons or tutoring."

Darren Hall tells Pop Dust that his father never offered him "help, assistance or even encouragement" in his life or his burgeoning music career. In fact, it wasn't until he was 18 years old that Darren even met his father. The younger Hall told Pop Dust, "I wanted to get to know him you know, and it just didn't feel like that’s what he wanted. Like he was too busy, and I had to fit into his existing schedule if I wanted to interact with him. Not like I was special in any way to him, which I suppose I’m not. After that, I asked for a job on tour, I wanted to get involved with music. He gave me a job selling merchandise at shows, which means you set up before the show starts and work through, then tear down after the show, so that meant I had zero actual contact with any part of the show that had anything to do with music. Just the merchandise bitch...

I was on the road but I barely saw him, he traveled separately from the crew. I was making a salary, but maybe $1,800 monthly, my rent was $1,200, so that doesn't leave much to live on. I was frustrated and a bit angry that I was kinda having this experience, but I was having it from the outside. Like we’d go on a shopping trip and that would entail me following him around watching him buy clothes or books or whatever. That was our main activity, my following him around doing his activities.

I suppose the “final straw” for me was an offhand comment he made, I don’t know if he even knows I heard it. We were at a big family dinner at a B&B and I was sitting down at one end of the table with aunts and uncles, my dad was in the center with his wife and her two kids. The bill came and one of the kids picked up the check and said jokingly, “don’t worry Daryl, I got this,” like a 12-year-old is going to buy dinner. It was funny. So he tousles the kid’s hair and says, “I can’t wait for the day when you can actually grab the check.” My heart dropped, I was like, “that’s what you say to your son? That’s his son… I’ll never have that kind of relationship with him.” I left maybe a week later.

They have not even spoken in four years.

Go to Pop Dust to read the entire interview.

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