Friday, February 7, 2014

Girl Taken From Adoptive Parents Given To Bio Dad

Girl Taken From Adoptive Parents And Given To Biological Father

Nine year old Sonya Hodgins has lived with her adopted family for the past eight years. At birth, her biological mother waived her parental rights and her biological father, John McCaul was in jail. The state revoked the father's rights and Sonya was put up for adoption. Sonya was adopted by the McElhaney family at the age of one.

Recently, her biological father John McCaul, was released from prison and has argued with the state that his parental rights should never have been revoked. A court agreed and reinstated McCaul's parental rights. The McElhaney's were visited by the Tennessee Department of Child Services who took Sonya away from them.  Her uncle stated, "I was there the night they literally took that child away from her mom and dad. They ripped her from their arms. They were down on their knees begging them not to do this. She was calling us, begging us to come and get her. Please don't let them do this to her. And we couldn't do anything. It's horrible".

McCaul has taken Sonya to Nebraska where he plans to live. A judge denied the McElhaneys motion to return the girl to them. They plan to appeal.

This case brings up many issues and questions. Should a girl who's lived with a family since the age of one be given to a man she's never known, even if it is her biological father? Will it be damaging to the girl to be taken from her family and given to her biological father? Should there be mandatory visitation with her adoptive family? What do you think?

Kyle McMahon Announces MAN UP! An Action Plan For Fathers e-Book

Kyle McMahon And Announce MAN UP! An Action Plan For Fathers e-Book
Kyle McMahon Announces MAN UP! e-book
Kyle McMahon & Announce MAN UP! An Action Plan For Fathers e-Book

We first announced our collaboration with recording artist, television personality and fatherless son Kyle McMahon last month. Besides the original content McMahon has brought to - and the page views (3 of our 5 most popular posts have been about him), we have been working on an exciting new project that we are very excited to announce.

In conjunction with, McMahon is releasing MAN UP! An Action Plan For Fathers. This e-book is a step by step guide for fathers wanting to reclaim their children. Whether you have been estranged from your child, a single father that could use a little guidance or just want to become closer with your child, MAN UP! An Action Plan For Fathers can help get you on track to being the best father that you can possibly be.

As the face of Fatherless Sons, McMahon touched the nation on a series of Oprah's Lifeclass specials and has gone on to advocate for fatherlessness in the United States. As recording artist K.Mac, he released a free song and music video, A Letter 2 My Younger Self (Fatherless Sons) in conjunction with the Oprah specials. The song has been downloaded over 25,000 times and the music video has been viewed almost 200,000 times. In addition, McMahon works with TV show Paternity Court as a social media contributor.

We could not have asked for a better partner then Kyle McMahon and we are so excited and proud of what is shaping up with MAN UP! An Action Plan For Fathers. We truly believe this book can help change lives.

MAN UP! An Action Plan For Fathers will be available through your favorite online book sellers in March 2014

Time: 5 Myths About Stay At Home Dads

Time: 5 Myths About Stay-At-Home Dads

Dave Lesser wrote a piece for Time titled "5 Myths About Stay-At-Home Dads". He brings up some interesting points that many stay-at-home dads may have to deal with.

1. You can't trust us with your children.
2. We can't have as special a bond with our children as mothers can.
3. We are not nurturers.
4. We are trying to be better than moms.
5. We are the only dads you should be paying attention to.

Check out the full article for some great insight into the plight of stay-at-home dads.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Ad Shows Gay Fathers

Super Bowl Ad Shows Gay Fathers

Last night's Super Bowl 48 had some exciting - and down right boring - moments. Bruno Mars halftime performance was a highlight, as was one commercial in particular. Coca Cola's ad, entitled "It's Beautiful" features all sorts of different families to a soundtrack of "America The Beautiful" in eight different languages. In on scene, two fathers are scene rollerskating with their daughter. GLAAD notes that this is the first Super Bowl ad in history to feature a same sex couple. At, we celebrate any man that stands up to be a father. Congratulations to you Coca-Cola, for your bravery in showing many types of American families. We raise our glass of Coke to you!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sperm Donor Owes Child Support

Sperm Donor Owes Child Support

Sperm Donor To Lesbian Couples Owes Child Support in Kansas
Sperm Donor To Lesbian Couple Owes Child Support
A Kansas judge ruled that a man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple must now pay child support. William Marotta had responded to an online ad seeking a sperm donor for a lesbian couple. Since the parties did not include the services of a licensed physician, Marotta did not qualify as a sperm donor by law. Since the couple is now applying for state assistance, he is required to pay child support. The couple has received about $6,000 in public assistance.

This state ruling brings up some interesting questions. Is it the child that is entitled to the public assistance or the parents of the child? If the sperm donor knowingly went into the agreement, absolving himself of responsibility, to the agreement of the other parents, is he responsible?

Tell us what you think in the comments.