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Kyle McMahon (KMac) & Fatherless

Kyle McMahon / K.Mac / Kyle Mac

Kyle McMahon Partners with Fatherless

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Kyle McMahon (aka K.Mac / aka Kyle Mac). If you haven't yet heard of him, you will. Kyle is a recording artist with a huge online following. He's also appeared on four episodes of the Emmy award winning Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network on the topic of Fatherless Sons. Through the shows, he became the poster boy of Fatherless Sons in the United States. We were finally given a face and that face has become one of the strongest advocates on the topic. We are excited to announce this partnership as we build our network of resources. Look for features and exclusive content directly from Kyle and his vast network of resources on Fatherlessness in the United States.

To read about Kyle's life, check out the Kyle McMahon wikipedia page after the jump.

Kyle McMahon

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Kyle McMahon
Birth nameKyle David McMahon
Also known asK.Mac, Kyle Mac
BornMay 1, 1987 (age 26)
Wilmington, Delaware, United States
GenresPopPop RockEDMDance,Dance PopHouse,
OccupationsSinger-songwriter, musician, record producer, music video director, author, philanthropist, television personality, public speaker, dancer, entrepreneur
InstrumentsVocals, Guitar, Piano
Years active2005–present
LabelsOne Eleven RecordsWarner Brothers Records
Associated actsICE Coday, The Mixx Music,Monte PittmanLFO,MadonnaTina TurnerJanice RobinsonJustin Timberlake,Kiley Dean, The Passengerz
Kyle David McMahon (born May 1, 1987), known by his stage name K.Mac,[1] or often Kyle Mac,[2] is an American singer-songwriter, producer, author, dancer and entrepreneur.

Life and career Edit

1987 - 2002: Early life and musical beginnings
Born Kyle David McMahon on May 1, 1987 in Wilmington, Delaware, he is the son of Joanne McMahon. His biological father left his mother when he found out she was pregnant, leaving her to go through the pregnancy alone.[3] With strong family support from her family and friends, Joanne carried through. [4]
When McMahon was 8, Joanne married a man, Don, about whom he says was “the father I was always searching for, who was there the whole time”. A military man, family was extremely important to him.[5]
McMahon is an only child and came from a musical family who exposed him to a diverse mix of pop, disco, R&B, Motown, rock, dance and hip hop. His mother, a dance instructor, played oldies, disco and Motown while growing up. While he was exposed to rock, dance and pop through other family members. He struggled with the issue coming from being abandoned by his biological father which affected him deeply.[6] At age 8, McMahon began appearing on a radio show that a disc jockey friend of his parents ran. He quickly fell in love with the industry. Through multiple school plays and local talent shows, McMahon began getting press at an early age. This led to a job writing movie reviews for The News Journalwhile he was still in grade school and lasted until his high school graduation.[7]
While still in high school, McMahon visited his friend Janice Robinson, who was opening up for Tina Turner’s Twenty Four Seven Tour. Robinson, a hugely successful songwriter,[8] encouraged McMahon to bring a few of the songs he had recorded to play for her to one of the concert dates. An A&R representative from Robinson’s label, Warner Brothers Records, was at the show and loved the demos. Upon graduating high school, McMahon signed into a development deal with the label.[9]

2003 - 2007 Edit

Warner Brothers, One Eleven Records and break from recording
McMahon recorded a number of pop rock songs under his development deal with Warner Brothers. Producers he worked with include The Underground, Janice Robinson, The Passengerz, Rich Cronin and Monte Pittman.[10]
Through his website at the time, McMahon had done interviews with various celebrities, one of which was with Brad Fischetti of pop group LFO.[11] Fischetti had recently opened One Eleven Records and purchased McMahon’s contract from Warner Brothers into a full record deal in 2004. Under Fischetti, McMahon continued recording various pop rock songs and his debut album, one., was set for release in late 2005. McMahon signed with Warner Brothers Records as the distributor of the album. [12] The album was described as “self confessional blend of rock pop combined with harmonies reminscent of The Eagles.”[13] In 2004, it was announced that McMahon had joined MTV for Rock The Vote and would be representing Delaware.[14] A concert for voter registration was put on at Wilmington University . It was then announced that the album was pushed back to 2006 to allow for more recording time.[15]
In May 2004, McMahon announced via his MySpace page that he was contributing a track to the upcoming Tina Turner tribute album. On June 15, 2004 What's Love? A Tribute to Tina Turner was released internationally, with McMahon contributing the song I Don't Wanna Fight. The credits list McMahon as having contributed vocals and producing the song.[16] McMahon had appeared at various Madonna concerts and events in cities throughout the world and has had numerous pictures taken of him by Madonna fans with other Madonna associates. There were reports that he had written a track for inclusion on her American Life album and reports that she had written a track for his one. album.[17] He is listed as a Madonna associate,[18] but it is unclear in what capacity they have worked together, as neither song was released. This was also the first mention of McMahon recording dance oriented tracks.[19]
In 2006, McMahon stepped away from recording due to personal issues. His dad was deployed to Afghanistan and at the same time, his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. He stated that he was unable to continue traveling to record with his current family situation.[20] He launched the website Pop Culture Whore which covered pop culture gossip, movie and music reviews and more. The site was later sold to an unknown blogger for an undisclosed sum, but is still active.

2010 - 2012 Edit

ICE Coday, The Mixx Music and back to recording
In June of 2011, McMahon received national press when he appeared at the 2011 U.S. Open, managing professional golfer Michael Tobiason, Jr.[21] He appeared in a Golf Channel documentary with Tobiason following his road to the U.S. Open.[22] Tobiason later appeared on The Big Break: Greenbrier.[23] Also in the summer of 2011, McMahon met producer /artist Tyler “ICE” Coday, a fellow Delaware native, through a mutual friend and they immediately hit it off. McMahon saw immense talent in Coday and began managing his career.[24] McMahon had the experience and knowledge to successfully get Coday prepared for release as his own artist, as well as producing for other acts.[25] While working intensely on Coday’s music, Coday suggested that McMahon record a song, which eventually led to the two beginning work on various musical projects together, including McMahon’s own mixtape, SchizoSONIC. With that, McMahon was fully immersed back in the recording world.[26] McMahon is now recording dance based pop music.
The two created a side project, The Mixx Music, which they use to write and produce for other artists, as well as release music that doesn’t fit in with their individual projects.[27] The first such release was a cover of Silent Night, for WSTW’s Hometown Hero’s annual Christmas charity release. The song received airplay on local terrestrial and satellite radio.[28] 

2013 - Present Edit

Oprah’s Lifeclass, Stand Up Man Up and A Letter 2 My Younger Self (Fatherless Sons)
In January 2013, McMahon filmed three episodes of Oprah’s Lifeclass at Harpo Studios in Chicago, Illinois. The special series was billed and promoted as Oprah’s Lifeclass presents: Fatherless Sons. The show was promoted heavily on national television and radio and McMahon was featured prominently in the advertising.[29] The first 2 hour special aired May 5, 2013 on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and became the 2nd highest rated Oprah’s Lifeclass in the List_of_Oprah's_Lifeclass_episodes shows history.[30] McMahon had instantly become the shows breakout star, with much of the response on Twitter and the following press focusing on him.[31] With the debut of the Oprah’s Lifeclass show, McMahon released a music video for his song A Letter 2 My Younger Self (Fatherless Sons) and made the track available free for download.[32] The song was written during his development time with Warner Brothers Records but shelved when he switched to dance based pop music.[33] For the taping, McMahon & Coday re-recorded the song and filmed the music video, which hit 100,000 views in it’s first month.[34] The song was received favorably with one review stating “this is a young artist not afraid to take chances and not afraid to let us hear the sound of his heart break”.[35]
McMahon also began writing for Huffington Post OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on the topic of fatherless sons.[36] His first piece was hugely succesful, being retweeted by celebrities like Rob Lowe.[37] His further articles have seen similar success. McMahon announced that he was working with a publisher on writing a book aimed at fatherless sons and their mothers.[38]
On June 16, 2013, it was announced that McMahon had joined Veronica De La Cruz and Art Alexakis of Everclear to create the Stand Up Man Up campaign.[39] This campaign seeks to gain support in enacting legislation to make deadbeat dads financially responsible for their children and help stop the spread of fatherless homes.[40]
In late June 2013, McMahon returned to Chicago for a fourth episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass, which aired July 7th, 2013.[41]

Social Networking Fame Edit

McMahon’s internet and social media life has proven strong, with 25,000 followers on Twitter, 20,000 fans on Instagram and 15,000 followers on MySpace.[42] On July 7, 2013, #TeamKyle trended briefly on Twitter as he made his 4th appearance on Oprah’s Lifeclass.

Discography Edit

  • one. (2005) (unreleased)
  • A Letter 2 My Younger Self - Single (2013)
  • SchizoSONIC (2013)[43]

References Edit

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