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How Oprah Changed Kyle McMahon's Life

Oprah & Kyle McMahon, Oprah's Lifeclass Fatherless Sons Show #4
Kyle McMahon and Oprah,  Oprah's Lifeclass
How Oprah Changed My Life

by Kyle McMahon

Since before I was born Oprah was on the TV. My mom always had the Oprah Show on, so I had literally grown up watching her. Over the years, I found myself listening more intently with the wisdom she shared with the world. Living your best life. Nourishing your spirit. Listening for the moments. It began to become a part of my identity. I picked up the books and did the worksheets. I began waiting for the next episode to help continue to enrich my life in the way that had become so nourishing to my soul.

She had become a part of my daily life. When the Oprah show ended, fittingly, I sat with my Mom and we turned on the TV and watched the finale. It was a powerful moment, but a sad one. I felt that I would be losing something I had grown up with.  OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network had been announced and had launched, but I wondered if it would be the same. I wondered if I would get the same things from OWN that I got from the Oprah Show. Oh, how unfounded those thoughts were.

As time went on I had grown to really love Oprah's Lifeclass. It was powerful, life changing TV. So it was rather ironic that I would then get a call from Harpo. That phone call changed the course of my life. A few months later I was in Chicago to film the first three episodes of Oprah's Lifeclass Presents Fatherless Sons. I had found myself about to talk about the deepest, most hurtful thing I had been living with all of my life in the biggest classroom in the world for everyone to see. I was terrified. Lifeclass teacher Iyanla Van Zant was there, ready to discuss. Right before my segment, she told me to breathe, and so, I did. I took a deep breath and said to myself, "This is where you let it go". The tape rolled and I opened my heart up to the world. The discussion that ensued was amazing. Literally, in that moment, on that stage in Chicago, my life was changed forever.

After my segment I talked to Iyanla and Oprah. While what was said will remain private, I will tell you that what Ms. O told me changed my life even further. The jist being that it is now my duty to go on and help others. She was absolutely right. My spirit had been lifted. My transformation was occurring.  I had to work on myself so I could go on to help others. From that moment on, I have made it my duty to help others as I had been helped.

As the shows aired, I began receiving thousands and thousands of messages, e-mails, tweets, phone calls and texts from people all over the world. Some thanked me for baring my soul. Others thanked me for giving them a voice. Many asked for help. Almost all told me their own story. I knew that what I had done was the right thing and I knew that this was only the beginning.

I began doing press for the shows and was contacted by numerous organizations asking me to speak for fatherless sons. I joined up with Art Alekakis and started Stand Up Man Up to help strengthen laws for the fatherless. I began writing for the Huffington Post on Fatherlessness and millennials. I teamed up with to help bring engaging content to the topic.  The list goes on and on. It had,without a doubt, become my calling. 

My life has a renewed sense of purpose now. A mission to serve those that are living in the story I know so well. My demons had been released and now it was time to help others release theirs. That is the power of Oprah Winfrey.

So on this, her 60th birthday, I celebrate Ms Winfrey and what she's done for me and for my life. I'm a better person because of her gifts and her generosity. And I'm just one of tens of millions. Because of her the world is a better place. That is the what I celebrate today. 

Happy Birthday Ms O!

Kyle McMahon, the recording artist known as K.Mac, is a millennial who has recently appeared on a series of Oprah's Lifeclass specials, writes about self improvement for millennials and gives speeches on fatherless sons. In a new partnership with he contributes exclusive material. Check out the Kyle McMahon website for more information. You can follow him on TwitterGoogle+ or Facebook.

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