Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Is Justin Bieber's Father To Blame?

Is Justin Bieber's father, Jeremy, to blame for his troubles?
Is Justin Bieber's father to blame?
Is Justin Bieber's Father To Blame?

Pop star Justin Bieber seems to be spiraling out of control. Business Insider posits that it might be Justin Bieber's father, Jeremy, that could be the cause. After being arrested last week for drag racing while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription pills, it came out that not only was his father present, but was most likely assisting his son.

At only 38 years old, Jeremy is craving the limelight himself. He had left Justin and his mother early in Justin's life to start a family with a new woman. It wasn't until after Justin became famous that Jeremy came back into touch with him. At one point, he even had plans to release a hip-hop album of his own. Paparazzi photos abound with Jeremy hanging out with the younger Bieber, his 32 year old manager Scooter Braun, and a host of other 18-35 year old artists hoping to make it as big as their friend.

Instead of engaging and encouraging the behavior that this troubled 19 year old is exhibiting, Jeremy should be doing everything in his power to stop it. It seems, his fear is to be cut off from Justin's fame and money. That may very well end up at the cost of his sons life.

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